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Patcon Pneumatics

Patcon solenoid valves are developed to suit the actual working conditions in the field. The design incorporates the advanced technology in the construction of solenoid valves. Patcon valves have multipurpose applications for Air, Gases, Oils, and liquids.

Patcon's range includes 2/2 Way, 3/2 Way, normally closed, normally open, 4/2 Way, 5/2 Way.

Patcon solenoid valves are manufactured under strict quality control. Every Valve is 100% tested both pneumatically as well as electrically before leaving the plant. High level of quality control makes Patcon Valves maintenance free.

Our Range also Includes Pneumatic Cylinders, Non Return valves, Spool type solenoid & hand operated valves, Flow control valves, Quick exhaust valves, Double solenoid impulse operated memory solenoid valves, Diaphragm type solenoid valves, Electro magnetic pullers, Pneumatic systems and special pneumatic equipments, Elements, used in L.P.G. BOTTLING PLANTS.

The equipments used for LPG Bottling Plants includes : Pneumatic filling gun, Compact valve tester, pneumatic crimper etc. Complete Pneumatic automation systems from filling to sealing of LPG cylinder.